Gulfstream Motel and Marina - The Gulfstream is on the south side of the River in Jena, and offers clean, comfortable rooms at reasonable rates. The Ship's Store has everything you might need for a day of fishing or scalloping. Gulfstream has a private launch ramp and 8 acres of parking for your trailer. In addition, there is a restaurant and full service bar on the grounds making Gulfstream a prime destination when coming to Steinhatchee.

SeaHag Marina - The folks who run Sea Hag are some of the finest you'll run across. The Ship's Store is well stocked with eats and drinks for your trip as well as fishing and scalloping supplies. If you plan for more than a day trip, the Sea Hag has plenty of comfortable rooms available.

Todds Lures - This dude manufactures some of the top producing offshore trolling lures we've ever run. We are not sponsored by Todd, but we run his lures every time we head for blue water with great results.

Gainesville Offshore Fishing Club Founded in 1968, the GOFC is North Florida's premier family fishing club with over 150 family memberships, monthly meetings, learnaments, several tournaments during the year and other family oriented events. Check it out!

Nuts and Bolts Fishing - Cefus and John from the Omega Media Group travel all over the world capturing corporate and fishing events on video tape. They have a line of films produced for Bennett called the Nuts and Bolts of Fishing. If you look closely at the Offshore Video, you might recognize the yellow boat on the cover. What To Do When the Fish Won't Bite contains some hints we've found useful over the years. This is a good series, enjoy the clips and order a few.

CCA Florida - The Coastal Conservation Association is a worthwhile enterprise dedicated to rebuilding and maintaining a healthy stock of fish and protecting the rights of the recreational angler. If you care about the near-term/long-term future of fishing, dues are only $25/year.

Mirage Manufacturing - The Tuner was built in 1990 in Gainesville, FL at this facility. The company also builds 37 and 47 foot trawlers. After 16 years, there is not a creak, groan or rattle when we head offshore. This is one fine boat!

Steinhatchee Landing Resort - Looking for a serene place to get away from the city bustle? Look no further...

Coach's Custom Rods - Coach Paul Bagby is a retired ball coach living in Dalton, GA. Coach has a passion for offshore fishing and a talent for making some fine custom rods. We are not sponsored by Coach, but own an assortment of his rod masterpieces and gladly share them with charter fishermen.

Reeling For Kids - It has been my privilege to serve as the fishing tournament director for this worthwhile charity event since it's inception. Doug Johnson and Donnie Young do a great job raising money for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Alachua and Taylor Counties….and a great time is a guarantee!

Fishbites - We are not sponsored by Fishbites but use their products religiously to improve our catches.

Capt. Sam Crutchfield - Capt. Sam is a fishing troubadore. His music paints lyrical pictures of the sport and locations we all care so deeply for. If you read any of my stories, you'll find Capt. Sam featured prominently. I've learned a lot from the crusty old dude...the best lesson is keeping on his good side long enough to figure out what he's trying to teach me. He is a treasured fishing buddy.

The Best Trim Tab Money Can Buy - These saltwater tools are incredible and highly recommended. Oil and water don't mix....leave hydraulics behind, go electric! Four years of charter abuse without a whimper and going strong.

Capt. Guy Spear - If you're looking for a great inshore/nearshore fishing experience in St. Augustine, Florida....especially for kids...give this Capt. Guy a call. He has fished all over the world. He has the experience to put you on the fish and is a delightful fishing partner.

Capt. Logan Beal - Don't feel like stopping in N. Florida? Check out Capt. Logan in Naples for offshore and backcountry piscatorial adventures.

Your Career Connection - Looking for a new or better career? Click here for "Your Connection to Success".