Charter Pricing

Overnight, Middle Grounds and East Coast trips:
Fishing at night for mangrove snappers and the sharp breaks that dot the Florida Middle Grounds can produce some of the most exciting action available on the West Coast of Florida. A Gulf Stream trip on the Atlantic coast is the ticket if your're looking for striking fish and/or billfish. These trips are available by special agreement when the weather and fishing conditions permit. Because of the planning involved to improve your chances of a successful trip, everything including food is provided. Just show up and enjoy. Due to fuel price fluctuations and the distances involved on these trips, prices are negotiated based on the objectives of the charter party.

Steinhatchee Offshore Charter:
This is a 10 hour trip usually 30+ miles offshore and targeting grouper, red snapper, cobia, amberjack, kingfish, mahi and other fishes as available and when in season. Click the larger button to make a deposit to hold your trip or pay your balance. The smaller button allows you to add additional anglers.Up to six anglers: $1200

Steinhatchee Way Offshore Charter:
This is a 10-12 hour trip to deeper water....(2 hour run out, 8 hours of fishing and 2 hour run back in) 70-90 miles offshore out to the northern edge of the Florida Middle Grounds. This trip is especially effective during red snapper season, the larger of the species are usually found in deeper waters. Other targeted and seasonally available species include large king mackerel, large cobia, red grouper, scamp, large amberjack etc. On good days, the water is electric blue and like a giant aquarium. You must be in good health for this charter. Up to six anglers: $1400

Daytona Gulfstream Charter:
This is a 12 hour blue water trolling trip from St Augustine or Daytona. (2 hour run out, 8 hours of fishing and 2 hour run back in) 40-60 miles offshore out to the famous "Ledge" area from St. Augustine or the "Steeples" area out of Ponce Inlet at Daytona/New Smyrna. Targeted species are striking fish, Mahi, wahoo, tuna and marlin/sailfish. We use high quality Shimano tackle and expertly rigged lures/baits. This is my favorite kind of fishing but only when the weather allows us to be comfortable. All food and drinks are provided, just decide which port, jump onboard and let's go fishing. Four anglers: $1600

Scalloping trips:
These tasty shellfish invade the grass flats late in the summer in waters three to six feet deep and are a blast for a family outing. If you have never tried scalloping, the Captain will provide instructions on how to locate your quarry. We carry plenty of fresh water to rinse yourself and your gear during the day and also provide refreshments. We provide the license for four scallopers, we can accomodate up to six. Cleaning services for your catch are available back at the Sea Hag Marina. $500


Tuner Sportfishing Charters practices conservatory measures to ensure healthy fish stocks will exist for future generations. Size, slot and quantity limits are observed, with any error on the side of conservation. That said, we don't leave the dock unless we think we can catch some fine fish. We carry a fishing license for up to four anglers...and the boat is set up for four. Two additional anglers (to a total of six) can be accommodated if necessary to meet your needs. Two of the six must have a valid Florida fishing license, the fifth and sixth anglers are $100 each.

A 50% deposit is needed to hold your desired date(s). The deposit is refundable if you cancel 5 days in advance. The weather plays an important role in determining fishing activities...your deposit will be refunded if the weather doesn't cooperate. The boat can handle more than any of us but it can be unpleasant in 4-6 foot seas for all but seasoned anglers. Your safety is paramount and we don't leave the dock if dangerous conditions exist or are forecast.